Jeffries Sport Dressage

Jeffries is one of the best-known names in the horse-world and we are proud to announce the introduction of two new trees to our saddle collection, the Jeffries Sport and the Jeffries Liberty.
As with all of the saddles from the Jeffries collection, the Sport and Liberty models are manufactured using the highest quality materials combined with the latest technology. Each saddle is made from start to finish by one of our skilled saddle makers to ensure consistent craftsmanship throughout the process. Saddles built using the Sport and Liberty trees feature:
Flatter rails
Open head (greater on the Liberty which is ideal for wider horse types)
Low stitch line
Generous Gullet for good spine clearance
Good panel depth and bearing surface
English wool flocked panel Riders will benefit from the soft dual density seat, substantial knee/thigh blocks and stitched knee pads – all of which provide a great look, comfort and seat security.