HRP Veelzijdigheid Dual Wing


Scientifically proven No pressure behind the saddle over the lumbar spinous processes. All HRP Wing® Saddle Pads benefit from a world first densely padded area at the girth, which we have called the Thorax pad™. The Thorax pad™ has been invented to add additional comfort to horses who are sensitive when being girthed.
• WING® Saddle Pads are visually striking.
• WING® Saddle Pads unique design reduces pressure on the thoracolumbar spine.
• Reduces the risk of local muscle strain.
• Helps prevent localised over-heating reducing the formation of moisture and sweat, helps to prevent muscle dehydration and muscle fatigue.
• Enhances comfort for the horse and peace of mind for the rider.
• Enhances-performance.

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